Friday, September 30, 2011

New level: Dungeon

Sorry about that repeated level I wrongly submitted. Here is a level that is definitely new. Dungeon. Yet another level dedicated to the beasts, this is rare in that it actually uses the snake, and as part of a puzzle, no less.


Save the level at the levels sub-folder (windows) or /home/yourusername/.xye/levels (Linux and alike) in order to play it.

If you have made some levels and you think they may be worth sharing, do not hesitate to send them to me as an attachment. I might publish them here.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Xye 0.11.1

It is mostly a release intended to be a quick bug fix for many bugs introduced in 0.11.0 when adding the ability to edit multiple levels in a single file to the editor. There are also some other , more shocking changes though:

- Fixed a bug that caused the editor to sometimes save wrong round wall data when saving files with multiple levels.
- The editor is once again able to rotate teleport objects.
- Fixed a bug that made the editor replace description and author of a level file when adding/removing levels from it.
- Fixed a crash when typing large words in input boxes.
- The editor can now load kye level files.
- The editor can now place hidden path squares.
- The editor can load and save ground hints from level files. Although there is no interface in place to create or edit them.
- The editor can now change the level number of a level in a level file.
- We decided to stop including kye.xye with the game's package. As those levels are from shareware Kye and it is probably best not to redistribute them. Instead, a new level file called kyeclone.xye is available, with 14 simple levels that try to explain some of the basic concepts from the original Kye.
- New official level: Forces that we are not supposed to control.
- In total, this version brings 15 new levels.
- Improved the way the game creates its window icon.

Go to the download area.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Xye 0.11.0 for windows: Download fixed.

I am sorry about this, it seems there were connectivity issues while uploading the windows version of Xye 0.11.0 to sourceforge. It has been fixed.

Find it in the download area.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Xye 0.11.0 Released

* A new, detailed game skin.
* Also a Kye Jr. appearance skin.
* The editor now supports level files with multiple levels.
* The editor can also import the levels from multiple level files.
* It is now easier to change object rotation in the editor.
* Minor bug fixes.
* New level: Take them out.

Head to the download area.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New level: Turn around

All right, although the number of people that read this blog is still bellow 5, here is a whole new level: turnaround.xye. It is mostly about turner blocks. It has two star challenges, so if you want a new challenge , this is a good place.

To install it, place the file in the levels subfolder (windows) or /home/yourusername/.xye/levels (Linux and similar).

Update: This level has been modified a little. It should now be easier to solve it without getting the stars.

Friday, September 16, 2011

New level: Pluzze++

Here is a new level. It is one of those pure puzzles exploiting a simple concept: Xye level -

Update: The bug that allowed a very easier than planned solution has been fixed. Special thanks to Justin De Lucia for discovering the flaw.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New level: Chekov's brick

Here is a new level. It is really a low to medium difficulty problem with the addition of a couple of monsters. By the end you will probably need to figure out how to undermine a certain risk.

Here it is: chekhov.xye.

In order to play this file, save checkhov.xye to ( xye folder\levels\ ) in windows or /home/username/.xye/levels/ in Linux-like OS.

Let us open a blog for the game

Some changes have been mode to the site. I have started a blog about the game so that it will be easier to share news related to it. I will also probably include new levels here until the level sharing place is up.

The old mailing list, well it went inactive and google removed the custom page feature. I have decided that the comments in this blog will be the place to opine about the game if you want to. Unless it is a bug report, then use the tracker or the email contact.