Sunday, November 27, 2011

New level: Duels of fate

As the predicted hiatus is near its end, let me post a new level.

It is just a level in which you have to deal with monsters. However, there is the added twist of taking advantage of the new purple timers. The last battle requires some scheming and reflexes.

Xye level - Duels of

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Skins: Classic Kye and Xmas Kye appearance

These skins used to be included in the game's distribution but not anymore in an effort to keep the main package completely free. They are skins that make the game look more like the original Kye versions.

Classic skin

The classic skin imitates Kye 2.0 as much as it can. Of course, new sprites had to be added but I tried to keep the style.
Xye skin - classic

Xmas Kye and Xmas Kye Jr skins

These skins are mostly the work of Justin De Lucia getting the sprites from those games and adapting them to make a Xye skin that looks as close as possible. Of course, there have to be exceptions because although the Xye equivalent of Kye Jr.'s ice block are yellow objects, we couldn't just rename yellow into ice for gameplay reasons. (Or could we?). Anyway, here is :

How to install new skins.
You gotta find your personal res folder.
- In Windows, the res folder is just a subfolder of the one in which Xye.exe is.
- In Linux and similar, head to /home/yourusername/.xye/res

Extract the zips to the res folder. (The files themselves should be located in res, not in a subfolder of res.)

The future
Speaking of custom skins, take a look to this: