Saturday, December 10, 2011

Level Pack: SuperJustin

Justin de Lucia (Superjustinbros) has just shared 17 new levels in a single level pack.

The pack starts by making its intentions clear. PuruPuruParadise will remind you of the first level of Kye 2.0, but with a Xye touch. You may try to get the star for a challenge.

You may get that vibe from other levels. Like Raft, which is reminiscent of Kye's do not be greedy trope, but does not avoid to use some of the new objects in unusual ways.

The levels tend to range from easy to intermediate. There are some levels which actually appear to be tutorials but not without some interesting bits. Murple Purple will introduce to you all the new purple objects.

Of course, Xye wouldn't be Xye without intricate puzzles that require good reflexes on top of it. Plumance is looking to be my favorite of the pack, get ready to play some catch.

And other 13 levels. Here is a download link with attached instructions:
Xye levels -


  1. Nice work Justin. This should keep me amused over Christmas!

  2. Say, Vex. I don't know where to report bug, but I think this bug is intended. But I have to make sure.

    Is pulling large block with magnet are designed to be slow?

  3. @Steve

    Very late, but thanks. Glad you enjoyed the set. If you don't mind asking, which of the levels in the set was your favorite?