Saturday, March 10, 2012

Xye 0.12.1 released

It is basically a bug fix release. The most major feature is the ability to disable level-specified custom colors, so you can use a theme's color scheme in all levels. I guess that would be useful for those who really want to take advantage of the classic skin.

Besides of that, some bug fixes and levels that were already released in this site but is good to have in an official release.

Note that the XDG open directory specification change means that if you used Xye on Linux and had custom levels you will have to move them to the new location.

Changes in Version 0.12.1
- Added option to change white/colorless block color in a skin file.
- The default Xye color is closer to the pure green of old.
- The skin selector now allows you to disable the ability of levels to customize colors. You might like some skins better by keeping the same color scheme independently of the level data.
- The skin selector now shows the correct floor color if the skin modifies it.
- Fixed a crash that was related to microban.xsb in some systems.
- Fixed a bug related to magnets not behaving deterministically.
- Fixed the bug that caused the feature to remember the last played level not work in windows.
- In *nix, Xye will no longer use files at ~/.xye, but will instead use $XDG_CONFIG_HOME and $XDG_DATA_HOME to store configuration and custom levels/skins.
- Various text updates to messages in the official levels.
- 5 new levels have been added to the official levels file. However, these levels were already available in the web before.
- Including a new bonus level file.
- Some skin and interface visual tweaks.

So, do not forget to download it.

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