Friday, March 23, 2012

New level: The slow speed-run (For real) Also, disqus

I am deadly sorry about posting the wrong level file yesterday. It should be fixed now.

I'd also like to mention that I have implemented disqus to this web page. Among other new things, should allow you to discuss the individual pages like "levels", "what is xye?" and the one about Kye. But the normal blog posts should support more login options and have more features.

Old post:

It is time for a new level. This time I tried to find practical uses for the [+]/[-] or "toggle" blocks. They are quite an underused feature. [-] blocks are not pushable. And when you push a [+] block, all the [+] blocks of the same color become [-] blocks and viceversa.

This level pretends to be a race against the clock level, but you shall find that you will need more than just raw speed.

Download link: Xye level - The slow

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