Saturday, October 8, 2011

Featured levels: Action replay

It is time to start reuploading some levels that were initially in our (now gone) google page. Today we will talk about Eilang's ActionReplay level packs. We are talking about 24 levels in total distributed in 3 packages of 8 each.

Xye levels -
If the name ActionReplay should is not a hint. Most of these levels include a solution movie, but knowing what to do is not going to be very useful as most of the levels are really about dexterity, like "Full Speed" pictured left which will make you really learn how to use the keyboard to gain full speed in an obstacle race.

That does not mean the level set is not without puzzles. Like the very original color puzzle we can see in Apostrophe (Pictured right).

It also contains more traditional (To the Kye 2.0 level of traditionalism) puzzles like "Stairs".

Finally, get ready to find some levels that are really about obscure aspects of Xye. Like Lucky, a level in which you will have to magically teleport 9 times. Do something wrong and you may even make the game crash. (Don't worry, I have already caught the crash bug and the next version a crash will no longer happen. You will lose the game though.)

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