Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Xye 0.11.2 Released

Xye 0.11.2 has been released. Find it in the download area.

Updates to the official levels:
- Firestrikers: It is no longer impossible to get the gems after the star.
- Added new levels, for example: "Turn around", "Savage stuff", "So typical", "4x4-4" and more.
- Added a new tutorial.
- In total we now have 26 tutorials and 60 official levels.
- Removed kyeclone.xye. Instead Phipps.xye was added, which includes 44 many great Kye levels.

New editor features:
- Can place ground hints.
- Undo button is no longer disabled when recording a solution.
- It is now possible to change wall, earth and floor colors in a level.

Bug fixes:
- Fix compatibility with OS/X line breaks in xsb level files.
- Fix the bug that made the editor load teleporters as doors in .kye files.
- Fixed a bug that was causing random editor crashes.
- Fixed a bug that could make the game hang if a level was modified and saved data was incompatible.
- Fixed a crash that could happen when trying to respawn Xye in a full level. If that situation happens, you will lose the game, however.

There were tweaks and fixes to the skins. A 30x30 of the clean skin was also added.

The way the editor can customize the level's color theme is precarious right now, but still easier than editing the XML directly. You will be asked to enter the color number in the hexadecimal format that is used in many places like HTML. There are whole sites dedicated to hex color codes, like this one: http://www.color-hex.com/ . And many painting programs will show you the hex code of the color you are picking. The next versions will improve the interface.

Note that the next version is likely to come much later in the year, unlike these last three updates that were close together and I think it will focus on aspects related to the level browser and a better interface for saving games.


  1. Looks greatly promising; will check it out later this afternoon. Although I need to mention that the Christmas skin was not updated in this release with the newer version I sent you.

    However, on the plus side, I can perhaps now start thinking up of my own set of levels.

  2. I didn't know this game is still alive! Gotta check it NOW. :)

  3. Does that mean that Xye has doubled its amount of active users?

  4. @Vexorian

    What's your email? I want to send you level, but no matter.


    Its another pack at least better than actionreplay.

  5. Already have that pack. Was planning to upload it to the blog.

    But now that you call attention to it. How about you remake the map using the new skin? I think it really fits the pyramid idea.

  6. Still dont know how to send you email.


    Remade. :)

  7. I meant the map.png but the level looks good under the new colors (except that you didn't change the wall color, so it looks strange in the classic and clean skins).

    I will submit a modified copy that sets the wall color. I wanted the map.png to use it as thumbnail, but ok...

  8. To find my contact, go to the game's home page, then click the button that says [contact]