Saturday, October 15, 2011

New level: Pyramid treasure

Another level pack by Aoitenshi. This is the pyramid pack. It has a history and a txt file with some subtle hints about what to do in the levels. It includes 8 levels.

As with action replay, the levels tend to require quick reflexes. Get ready to avoid plenty of fire balls. But they also have some puzzles. Some levels are mazes that you have to finish under a time limit.

Xye levels - Pyramid



    The previous version has some shortcut, I also fixed an impossible level.

  2. @Aoitenshi

    In the first level "Pyramid Entrance", you can still "cheat" because you can lure one of the darts into a black hole and skip half the level. I suggest placing a long black wall around the entire bottom row.

    For the second level, "Pyramid Battle" I preferred the original version because there were more beast verities attacking you than just Viruses. Also, there were more sniper blocks on each side.

    Pyramid Inner 2 I also liked since there was this long red block you pushed into the black hole, one by one, and a neat contraption in the bottom-right of the level, which you took out in the new version, and in the bottom-left corner of the same level, I suggest replacing all the walls with fire-resistant walls since the chain of dynamite blocks destroyed all the surrounding walls.

    But all criticism aside, there were some pretty good levels.