Sunday, October 30, 2011

Xye 0.12.0

Yes, really. Head to the download area to get it.

Major gameplay changes:
- A new block has been added, purple.
- Purple arrows and dot blocks are as fast as red arrows.
- Purple pushers are twice as fast as yellow pushers and bounce differently.
- Purple timers are like a mix between the green and red ones, explode a time after Xye activates them.
- Purple surprise blocks teleport Xye to their location if pushed.
- Purple gems do not exist, instead purple gem blocks are activated once you get all the stars in the level.

Other features:
- The listbox control has been made closer to the familiar idea in usual GUI environments. For example, it supports the mouse wheel and can have a scroll bar if necessary.
- Xye's default color has been changed to a less saturated green tone.

Official levels:
- Added two new tutorials.
- Updated the order of some of the levels.
- New levels: Complexity, puzzle, Chekhov's brick, Robot bot trouble and Swing bridge.

Updates to other level files:
- Phipps.xye: Changed the color scheme for the levels from problem.kye.

New editor features:
- Slightly more compatibility with level features.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the bug that made .Kye levels in the editor load with black walls, background and earth.
- Fixed bugs related to not being able to play the level's solution / a replay file in the first attempt when there is a saved game for that level.
- Other minor features and bug fixes.

The bad news are that I removed the classic and xmas skins as they were based on the skins from the non-open source games. They will both be uploaded soon to the website as a separate download.


  1. Uh... The download link is still

  2. The link itself is updated to 0.12.0, the text says 0.11.2, I will get it fixed when I get home. Meanwhile, just click the links and you'll get the newest version.